• Goblins. The most common of the Daemon races and although dangerous in large numbers, quantity is their only strength. Rapists and thieves every one of them and too ignorant to stop existing despite the efforts of many brave adventurers to teach them how. Despite various "educated" circles that have provided tested theories that state that properly raised they are quite capable of being civilized and intelligent there is no proof that any of them are anything other than a dangerous breed of vermin that only get stronger and dumber as they evolve.
    excerpt from "Dangerous Daemons Vol. 1" by Ronald Frump

    "Ha! That's three Hobs for me and mages at that!" Declared a young wood elf.
    "Calm down Herne! We're still in enemy territory." said another equally young member of this copper-skinned elven race.
    "Hehe. Sorry about that Tapio. Couldn't help myself." said Herne as he turned to look at his friend.
    "Should someone who was included in the Dragon Hunt even be this excited about killing some gobs?" said Tapio

    At this Herne expression turned deathly serious. "First of all they were Hobs, second they were also mages, and third" putting fist to chest with an expression of pride practically shining from his face. " while it was certainly a great honor to have slain those foul beasties, it is only the first of many great things I shall accomplish in service to our Dray and no other opportunities should go overlooked!"

    "OI!!!" Both Herne and Tapio flinched as Hunt Leader Leshak came up to them with the ten other members of their party. "IF YOU HIGH ELF LADIES ARE DONE CHIT CHATTING COULD YOU BE SO KIND AS TO FIND THE BLASTED NURSERY SO WE CAN LEAVE THIS DAMNED CAVE ALREADY!!!?"
    "RIGHT AWAY SIR!" the two cried in unison.

    While the two friends frantically began the search one of the other wood elves behind Leshak came up to him and asked.
    "Sir were there any hostages?"
    "No." he replied. " apparently we'd just missed dinner." at the look of horror on his companions face he said ...
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