• Chapter 2: The Warlock’s Theft

    But while there was celebration outside the palace, within it, all was not well.
    Within the dimly lit halls, an unwelcome presence materialized through magic. The security systems didn’t detect magical entry, because no one believed anyone would consider that option. And this false sense of safety would prove disastrous.
    The fireworks explosions masked the faint “poof” of a teleport spell near the kingdom’s treasure vault.
    The individual had ghost white skin, though he was of the living. His hair was a deep silver gray and almost messy. And his eyes were scarlet, and glowing menacingly.
    His long robe was completely black, with sinister designs in crimson and midnight blue. Underneath the robe were ultramarine boots, though very few would see them because of the long robe.
    In this intruder’s hand was a staff that was urobilin tan, and in its four “claws” held a Venetian red orb.
    “There it is!” the intruder softly whispered. “Within this vault is the stone tablet I seek! That tablet has written on it the Forbidden Ritual, which I, Erebus Tonadi, shall use to become the supreme god of this world!”
    Erebus soon raised his staff toward the vault doors, and the Venetian red orb glowed a gentle glow. It was a slightly brighter hue of red, but still dim. The vault’s combination lock valves moved by themselves until the door slowly opened.

    The vile fiend stepped in the vault. Piles and bags of gold were about. Gemstones of every color and cut also graced the room. But none of these treasures mattered to Erebus—he was after the stone tablet. In the middle of the vault was what the madman sought. A medium sized tablet, about a cubit in height and three-fourths of a cubit wide, lay atop a pedestal.
    “At last!” chuckled Erebus. “It is mine!”
    But soon, a passing human guard saw the vault open when it should not have been.
    “Who’s in there?!” shouted the guard. He was dressed ...
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