• Go along
    Laugh and cry
    With her
    Not me
    You don't know
    That I know
    That she's pregnant
    That you're cheating

    I ignored it
    The lies
    And decieving
    But then I saw it
    Saw you two
    Holding hands
    Rubbing her belly
    You started kissing
    Kissing her stomach
    She threw back her head
    And laughed

    She knew about me
    She didn't care
    She only cared
    About you
    I wish I could end it
    And stop the lies
    But I love you to
    Who will you choose?
    The cheating, prego?
    Or your loving wife?
    It's your decision
    Make it right

    I got the courage
    I don't know when
    You left
    On our day
    Our honeymoon
    She was in labor
    You left me
    Said you had a meeting
    But I heard the screaming
    Through the phone
    When she called

    You came back
    You said sorry
    I said no
    We're over
    You laughed
    Asked what
    I said I knew
    And you paled
    I laughed
    Asked if it
    Was boy or girl
    You said girl
    Her name was Taylor
    I said congrats
    You get the whore

    Left that night
    While you begged
    And apoligized
    Said you were sorry
    You were being nice
    Was gonna dump her
    Say you had a loving wife
    But I cried
    I cried while my heart broke
    Broke for you
    For us
    And for the slut
    Because she won
    You and your love

    Went to heaven
    I went off the bridge
    Tears cloud my eyes
    I turned right
    Plunged to the river below
    You showed at my funeral
    With her
    Arm in arm
    While people stared
    And shot you accusing glares
    But you just kissed her
    Right by my casket
    I cried in heaven
    The best place ever
    I cried because
    She was there
    And so was Taylor
    You never cried
    Wouldn't even speak
    And someone slapped you
    I think it was my mom
    Said you were a whore
    Just like the girl
    The baby needed to die
    You should be ashamed
    You just walked away

    You cried at home
    In her arms
    She told you
    She's glad I'm gone
    Now the family was complete
    You laughed
    But never argued

    Guess it's better to be dead
    At least now I don't have to ignore the sorrow ...
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