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    • Gold-E-Locks by Meticulous Dreamer
    • I made this story back in school; I then posted it in my Journal in sections about three months ago before I posted it here. This is a modernized version of Goldielocks and the Three Bears. Our english teacher let us have a ...
    • Heartbeat by LostInsideMyMind
    • This is a little blurby-thing I wrote when my dad went to the hospital for the second time in July of last year. I got really depressed because he was gone for an entire week and I wasn't allowed to go see him and I missed him ...
    • You bet your life on it by Par Exemple
    • This has very religious themes, but I don't approve the theology. I had trouble with teh ending because I wrote this story (in my mind) years ago, I jsut finally got around to apply it to paper, and so my veiws have changed. ...
    • Human Apocalypse by _e l y d e s i a
    • My best work yet. It's about a young adult named Camila Kana, and these are her thoughts about how the world is, her Grandmother, and the great sacrifice. Please give it a chance.
    • Preface-one by T A S T Y Y
    • This Might Be The Preface Of A Book I Might Write. A Small Novel. It's Not Done, And Has Much Editing To Be Done. The Plot Is Not Complete, So May Take Awhile To Get A Better Preface, And Chapter One Of My Book Out Please Note ...
    • The Perfect Nightmare Chap. 1 by Gemyna_the_Wanderer
    • This is the first chapter of my latest novel. The chapter is currently called New Beginning. The story talks mainly with the frustration of nightmares that hunt a sixteen year old girl named Abilene. The story takes place in Ri...
    • The Kiss by Val Ritz
    • He knew, for once in his life, that something was deeply right...And that he had finally found his silver lining.
    • Roses are Dead - Chapter One by Gothic Candy
    • Just a story I wrote a while ago...just for the heck of it...oh yeah and a quick warning. There is inappropriate language. So I'd give it a P13 rating. Other then that enjoy ^.^.
    • "Where Are You?" by bloody_girl18
    • A 6 year old heard her parents death but the mystery of their death has been unsolved intill she meets a strange young man. He brings up her past as she is trying so hard to forget.
    • The Zombie Hamburgers of DOOM! by Redpandamaniacal
    • I took some artistic liberties in grammar and wrote this for my own enjoyment. I hope you all don't mind. I, personally, liked the story after I wrote it... I really had no idea how it would turn out. I'm sure all people who've...
    • 6th Chapter 2nd Book by Hero Aiyami
    • Introducing Hero, a young boy with special gifts, He isn't a normal boy. He is a student in a class for the "gifted". We meet up with his friends and family in an adventure full of magical abilities and difficult enemies. He de...
    • The Spirit Gaurd by Da_Cookie_Nomster
    • Nevaeh is a 7th grader at a normal school, in a normal town, in a normal city. That makes her normal, right? Wrong, when Nevaeh faints in science class weird things start happening. Her and her friend Halo go on a journey throu...
    • my first love story chapter 2 by winterwolf212
    • this is the second chapter, took me some time since i cant get my butt to do it, if u want to read the first chapter then here is the link http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=101226627#title if anyone...
    • Shadows rising: chap. 1 and 2 by spiderwolf13
    • these are the first two chapters of the book i am writing. comment please: i want all the input i can get. some of the stuff on here is in italics and what not, but i wasn't too worried about that on here. this is, obviously, a...
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