* ~ Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Game ~ *
(Persona 4:FES - The Golden Presents...The 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!!)

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Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

1. To play, simply enter up to and no more than [1 character] into the forum by posting with the [Format Below].

2. Multiple characters MAY be entered later at the discretion of Arena Emperor.

3. Once they are entered, you will choose one of the six traditional 'gifts' for your character. After your choice, the prizes for each 'Resolution' will be revealed.

4. Everybody wins a prize simply by playing!


Enjoy the game! And Merry GUILDMAS2017!!

[quote][size=13][b]Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette![/b][/size]

[b]Ultimate Prize:[/b] [What is the one thing, within reason, that you would like to win the most?][/quote]

[quote][size=13][b]Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool![/b][/size]

[b]Something Shiny:[/b]
[b]Something Heavy:[/b]
[b]Something Cute:[/b]
[b]Something Golden:[/b]
[b]Something Romantic:[/b]
[b]Something Useless:[/b]

[b]My Gift Type:[/b] [Choose and insert one of the six Gift Types listed above!][/quote]