• Holiday princesses and princes
    of lore,
    Sugarplum fairies, & gifts galore.

    Clara, oh you silly, brave girl,
    And the nutcracker prince,
    Whose name is never known,
    In the Land of Sweets,
    Sugary treat.

    Around and around,
    All different candies pranced,
    And spellbound,
    Young Clara and her new prince,
    All through the night.

    There were chocolates,
    And coffees and teas,
    Peppermint, honey,
    And lovely gumdrop covered trees.

    The snow was not snow,
    Oh no it was not,
    It was powdered sugar,
    A light dust all over~

    But then the night ended,
    And Clara was made to leave,
    She had to return home,
    Back under the tree.

    When she woke up,
    Her prince wasn't there,
    Only a nutcracker,
    With powdered sugar in his hair.