• I wipe a circle in my fogged up window,
    I look outside to see the snow,
    Piled up,
    White, and soft.
    I hear the bells ringing,
    I hear the merry laughter of children,
    Sitting on sleighs,
    With red faces,
    Excitement in their eyes.
    I hurry to the door,
    I draw upon my coat,
    And I rush out side,
    Smiling up at the sky.
    I felt an cold lump fall upon my nose,
    I touched it and felt the coldness run through me.
    Suddenly, out of the sky,
    Snow came falling,
    Drifting down upon me,
    Likes the clouds in the sky.
    I felt arms wrapping around me,
    i turned my head up,
    And he smiled at me.
    Together we took of,
    And, this is the end.