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  • Artist Info: Hi, i turned 14 in april and live in NSW australia. my real name is Rhys.i like reading,i enjoy some books and like watching movies and im happy most of the time.i cant draw too good, but i still enjoy it. the books and movies im into is fiction/fantasy/action i have read all the books of pendragon and am currently trying to get the 8th, and 9th, i currently have 1-7<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    im Rhys<br />
    i have awesome friends<br />
    ima boy<br />
    i live in a house on neptune<br />
    i am a ninja <br />
    i know you wish you were as ninja as me<br />
    Dilan is more ninja than me<br />
    so is Z<br />
    and steph, she dont need her eyes open<br />
    thanks for the donation dil<br />
    im getting off track<br />
    i get off track easy<br />
    i might have add cos i cant concentrate very hard<br />
    im smart<br />
    i hate my art teacher, she said Art isnt about fun<br />
    i spend alot of time on the computer<br />
    i like anime<br />
    i like books (fantasy)<br />
    i have never read an actual manga book<br />
    i am making alot of these things =D<br />
    i like smiley faces =D<br />
    i need a new layout for my profile, its getting old<br />
    i play maplestory not very often, but still do<br />
    i have an msn<br />
    i like to get new friends<br />
    i like random comments<br />
    i have this last one liner thing here for now
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