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  • Artist Info: Okay, so you wanna know about me? Heres what ya need to know if i don't know you.<br />
    I'm kitty. I love to cosplay with friends, musical movies make me happy. and anything with Demyx, Axel, and Roxas make me wanna hug fish.<br />
    I'm weird, end of story good bye. <br />
    I'm a harry potter fan. i own my own wand and everything.<br />
    Several things i do in life are the following:<br />
    Cosplay.<br />
    Watch Movies.<br />
    Write.<br />
    Listen to music.<br />
    I'm aware that my profile may seem to be ridiculous. I'm a yaoi fangirl. if you think its a sin get the fuck off my page. You have your opinions, that is true, but if they insult me, i don't wanna hear them.<br />
    Gay people make me wanna scream. I love them to freaking death. They're so happy i just wanna hug them. People who think that they are stupid or that they're unnatural or other bullshit like that. well you know what. fuck you. People have their choices and if a guys wants to screw another guy, well thats up to them. but when you drive them to suicide or something, i wanna punch oyu in the face. If you ever insult a gay guy near me i will sock you. got it?<br />
    I'm a book writer and don't really ahve a religion.<br />
    I write from my heart. If you don't like it, tough. didn't say you had to read them.<br />
    I'm working on one series about werewolves and vampires. and if you ask if they sparkle and your excited about them not sparkling. i love you.<br />
    I think those blood sucking glitter fairies just need to get ripped to shreds adn burned. or however they die in those books.<br />
    i like heart wrenchingly sad things. but aren't all mushy. i need realism. i'm too weird, and i'm never in this world to be honest.<br />
    I love writing. it's my life's deepest passion.<br />
    and if you ever tell me what to write, that i should change any ideas, or anyhting like that in my books. I'll become so infuriated that I'll wanna hit you. I write for me, and usually i'll write to let people understand my mind.<br />
    If you wanna know more about me. just ask.<br />
    I can be fun, i'll accept random friend requests. and i'll talk to anyone. but insult me and ur gone.<br />
    enjoy!!!!! ^^
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