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  • Artist Info: Th e _ B i r d _ o f _ H e r m e s _ i s _ m y _ n a m e, <br />
    E a t i n g _ m y _ W i n g s _ t o _ m a k e _ m e _ T a m e.
    <br />
    I love old classic cars from the 60's to the 70's and I want a 1967 Chevy Impala black. (Thank you Supernatural) I want my car to go from purr to growl and mean it. I want some power behind those growls and fell it in my hands surging from the wheele. I also like fantisy and just about anything to do with The Dresden Files. I do believe in Ghost and Aliens from other planets I just have a hard time with some of the ghost stories and buying that after about 3 decades Aliens still need to abduct and probe butts to learn from us.<br />
    anything else you want to know you know how to reach me.
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