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    First off. I'm a girl.

    I love anything so long as it loves me back; and I'm a pretty easy person to get along with. I don't like Twilight [I tried to read it, but it was too cliche. Poorly written crap. Stephenie Meyer, you've done better.], but I'm not saying Robert Pattinson and friends aren't bad people. Just the people they play. I. Cannot. Stand.

    But anyway... I use proper grammar, because I passed my second grade reading and writing class, thank you very much. Illiteracy is one of my biggest pet peeves.

    I like anime and manga, but I happen to read a lot of regular novels, too. Drawing is a knack of mine, and writing poetry. Insult my friends... You'll be lucky you're living on the other side of the computer screen. I'll try to overlook your shortcomings if you overlook mine. But if you're an ignorant S.O.B that doesn't know an oboe from an elbow [SpongeBob!], then you're not able to be my friend, sorry.

    I also love joining a good RP. If you need a semi-lit to literate role player, I'm right here. That is, until I'm over my head in RPs.

    Am I available for RPs right now?



    Do I have any recommendable RPs that you might like?

    Yes, yes I do!

    Yo Ho, Yo Ho {A Pirate's Life RP}

    Streams's Island Resort!

    [Aiden loves ramen] Rest in Peace

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