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  • Artist Info: hi. hello. nice hair. <br />
    my name is jessie.<br />
    i have long blond hair, around 5 feet, a little underweight, thin, and usally dress in dark clothing.<br />
    i am not goth or emo and i hate labels. <br />
    sadly my birthday is 6/6, so i got the pleasure of people thinking the world would end on my birthday.<br />
    i pull strings. make people pull there hair out. make teachers curse. ask too many questions. destory things. cause destruction. i like being a smart ass.<br />
    i hate annoyances.<br />
    im generally optimistic.<br />
    im smart... most of the time. <br />
    i just spent 2mins looking for the && | key.<br />
    i still eat dino shaped chicken nuggets (*ahem* which are not corn) and bunny shaped mac && cheese.<br />
    i like cookies.<br />
    w/e<br />
    bii biiz.<br />
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