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    Here are some things you might be interested in:
    <br />
    <br />
    *I am a girl.<br />
    *I enjoy RPing a lot.<br />
    *I can be really boring to talk to. <br />
    *I'm always interested in having friends that I talk to. :]<br />
    *I get distracted easily.<br />
    *I love to multitask.<br />
    *I love reading!<br />
    *I write stories!<br />
    *I answer any question you have for me. :]]]
    <br />
    <br />
    **Likes**<br />
    ~~Vampires~~<br />
    ~~Werewolves~~<br />
    ~~Reading~~<br />
    ~~Writing~~<br />
    ~~Dubstep~~<br />
    ~~Invader Zim~~<br />
    ~~Gir~~<br />
    ~~Rubber Duckies~~<br />
    ~~Eyeliner~~<br />
    ~~Scene girls~~<br />
    ~~Singing~~<br />
    ~~Music~~<br />
    ~~Black lipstick~~<br />
    ~~Bright red lipstick~~<br />
    ~~Hair straighteners~~<br />
    ~~Horror Movies~~<br />
    ~~Elephants~~<br />
    ~~Penguins~~<br />
    ~~Dogs~~<br />
    ~~Cats~~<br />
    ~~Gaia~~<br />
    ~~Sweeney Todd~~<br />
    ~~Helena Bonham Carter~~<br />
    ~~Hearts~~<br />
    ~~Rings~~<br />
    ~~Chokers/necklaces~~ <br />
    ~~Friends~~<br />
    ~~People that have a lot in common with me~~<br />
    ~~Animals~~ <br />
    ~~Books~~ <br />
    ~~Vampire kisses~~ <br />
    ~~Vampire Kisses~~ (different from above stated)<br />
    ~~The House of Night Series~~<br />
    ~~Guitar Hero~~<br />
    ~~TekTek.org~~<br />
    ~~Fried Ice Cream~~<br />
    ~~German Chocolate Ice Cream~~<br />
    <br />
    **Dislikes**<br />
    --Preps--<br />
    --Frizzy Hair--<br />
    --People ignoring me--<br />
    --Most People in general--<br />
    --History--<br />
    --Britney Spears--<br />
    --Rashes--<br />
    --Dead forums--<br />
    --Mean teachers--<br />
    --N00bs--<br />
    --Conceited people--<br />
    --Air mattresses--<br />
    --Mushrooms--<br />
    --The sun-- <br />
    --The heat--<br />
    --Hackers--<br />
    --Stupid People--<br />
    --Brats--<br />
    --People who choose not to spell--<br />
    --Bad Grammar--<br />
    --Paris Hilton--<br />
    --Slow computers--<br />
    --All around illiteracy--
    <br />
    <br />
    I do have many recent pictures of myself, though I don't post them for the whole world to see. Get to know me first or at the very least try to converse with me and then maybe I'll send you a picture. :]]<br />
    <br />
    Hmmm... What to say, what to say... I have no idea. I'm sure you will think of something though...
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Currently, I am questing everything on this here avatar. I know, it's hard to see it because I've got literally everything on there, but that's the easiest way I could keep track of what I'm questing. Yes, I'm questing all hair items. I personally believe that Gaia should make all the hairs wig items, but then they'd lose virtual money that way, so I know they won't... But I do enjoy different hair styles and even if there is an item that is not on the list that you would wish to get rid of, please send it my way or send a trade. We can haggle on prices if you wish to sell it. :]] Anything helps, though. :]]
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