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    If i could describe myself by a few words, it would be...Shy, Artistic, Short, a little Weird, but Friendly. Anyway, beware if i say sorry to you alot, especially if i don't get a reply from you... sweatdrop I'll assume i said something bad....Bad habit. I'm kinda quiet sometimes, becuz i don't know what to say, i dont feel like it or i don't like the person ( but that's rare.) I'm working on outgoing-ness though. <br />
    I like to enjoy the little but beautiful things in life. Likes flowers or clouds (see below). And concentrating on the positive parts in my life.<br />
    <br />
    Here are my dislikes and likes....you could talk about them with me if u want...<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes: *Assuming and assumptions<br />
    *Rumors<br />
    *Stares and frowns..<br />
    *Airplane flying by(the sound annoys me)<br />
    *Racism<br />
    *Sunsets(It's pretty, but it also hurts to see it sometimes)<br />
    *Sweet candy(sorry..I like sour candy more..)<br />
    <br />
    Likes:<br />
    *Clouds:]<br />
    there are cool formations<br />
    i saw=)...<br />
    *Hanging out wit' other people<br />
    ^^<br />
    *Being alone, sometimes(i know it's contrary, but it's ok.)<br />
    *Video games<br />
    (like super smash bros biggrin That's like, one of the only fighting<br />
    games i would play though.)<br />
    *Computer games<br />
    *Friends<br />
    *Family<br />
    *Colors<br />
    Mostly blue<br />
    *Sour candy<br />
    *Art<br />
    It's almost anywhere<br />
    *Music<br />
    *Different places<br />
    * "Action chat" (Yes, i know. I made that word up.)<br />
    Example of an action chat: *waves at you*<br />
    *Reading<br />
    *Poems<br />
    *Comedies<br />
    *Adventure(movies)<br />
    *The moon<br />
    *Flowers<br />
    *Pets (mostly quiet ones)<br />
    *Classic movies<br />
    *Watching people dance and/or sing<br />
    *Smiles=)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Good day 4laugh <br />
    <br />
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