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  • Artist Info: Dear Gaia,<br />
    I have found you quite boring , yes I have had phases when I'm bored to come online and waste my day being on this site...but you get old and tiring after a while.<br />
    Sorry...I may sound like a b itch saying this but I am one wink <br />
    I love all my close friends on Gaia, you guys are awsome so I thank you for allowing me to have these friends since '07.<br />
    Yes Gaia if your wondering, I am weird but I'm unique so you can piss off if you dont like me, take me or leave it.<br />
    I love Adam Lambert, I dont give a f uck that he's gay he's a one of a kind... that I'd prob want to get into his pants but thats another topic for another day (:<br />
    I also love Joe Jonas, ever since '07 when I just started going on your site, and to be honest Gaia... I'm still in love with him , cheesy much ?<br />
    I also love Gaga, she's my idol if you haven't looked at the Avi.<br />
    Any Canadians in here ?<br />
    I attended the MMVA's (Much Music Video Awards) to see her and the Jonas'<br />
    hate them ? I don't fuckn care. I met Nick Jonas at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Toronto on september 25, 2009 , just felt like telling you.<br />
    I also saw my lover Adam Lambert at Much Music on January 25th 2010...I guess I got luck with the number 25,<br />
    I warn you I stalk my fave celebs...think I'm creepy I dont care at least I'm not sitting down at my chair going on you Gaia Ive met my idols so it's all good.<br />
    JOE JONAS is my next guy to meet (yn)<br />
    kay well Gaia I'll talk to you later, tell my friends to WRITE ON MY PROFILE.<br />
    waddup and goodbye &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    Love; The Glambert Fan .
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