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  • Artist Info: Hey my name's Cassie. I'm the middle child of three sister. I'm a junior in high school and I'm on the jv basketball team and I play fastpitch softball in the spring season. My family owns some land thirty minutes from my house where we own a horse barn. We own ten horses ourselves and let other ppl board at our barn. We also own seven pets at home: two dogs, four cats, and one bird. I plan on getting a job during the summer break but at the moment I'm focusing on my studies. <br />
    One of my interests is to ride my horse jack at gaming competions. We just started gaming again this summer with one of my friends so we're kind of out of shape. I also like to read. I have so many books that I've filled two bookcoberds and one bookshelf. I have even started writing my own book. It's probably not that good but it takes my mind off of my stresses.
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