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  • Artist Info: Well there's not much to know about me. So just ask if you want to know. <br />
    <br />
    Well<br />
    I like the Halo Series RedVsBlue<br />
    I like Sarge form RVB<br />
    I like Church from RVB<br />
    I Like Caboose From RVB<br />
    I heart Tex From RVB (Ok not Really) <br />
    I Like the Pod Cast Ask a ninja.<br />
    I like Naruto<br />
    I like Okami<br />
    I like many video games<br />
    I like PB&J Sand witches<br />
    I like Many Foods<br />
    I like Gundam (all of it)<br />
    I like many Anime<br />
    My name is none of your concern<br />
    I do NOT donate<br />
    I do not Like Most hyper obnoxious noobs<br />
    People who beg my go to hell<br />
    People who beg will be ignored <br />
    My friends come before noobs and other users<br />
    RedVsBlue Is above all TV shows and other Halo series stuff (except stuff mad by the YouTube user imSuck...no joke thats his name on YouTube)<br />
    Where I live is of no Importance<br />
    I am Male<br />
    I love nature<br />
    I love Japanese Art <br />
    I love Feudal Japan (not Modern)<br />
    I really Love the cherry trees<br />
    I Own SOME Japanese Yen Coins<br />
    I own SOME Japanese stuff.<br />
    I collect Coins from other countries<br />
    I'm not mean<br />
    I'm not a Ass in nature<br />
    I'm NOT A SOFTY<br />
    I Donate to friends who are hacked for items<br />
    I will not Fall for the Fake REPORTED PM<br />
    I'm not Stupid<br />
    I'm not going to give out my pass no matter what<br />
    I don't care staff or not<br />
    Piss me off and I ignore ju<br />
    My Guilds have all died <br />
    I am part of Active Guilds.<br />
    I am a total furry.<br />
    as a Furry I'm bi<br />
    As a fur...I'm Single. <br />
    My Fursona's name is Luca . . . he's a red fox. <br />
    <br />
    I love you all (no homo)<br />
    I hope this is all you want to know, now go away, you bother me kid &gt;=(. <br />
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