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    ¡bienvenido! <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    people who have been immortalized<br />
    (in no specific order lol)
    <br />
    <br />
    Trivial_Insanity for being so kind to me! && being my long-lost twin sister! thanks much for gifting another item from my wishlist! you have NO IDEA how much i love you trivy! i'm crying right now man! ;~; thank you so much, for being sucha great friend here and an awesome rp buddy with infinite patience putting up with my lack of replying. D: you make visiting this site worth it, srsly. ILY!<br />
    toxkillfraex for being completely awesome and gifting me oculus mythica! &lt;33! and lol status communicating is fun xD love you tox!<br />
    Monsieur Prince for being nice enough to "mysteriously" gift a monthly collectible! you're just pure awesome! :D<br />
    NotebookSyndicate-Lust for donating an item from my wishlist. ¡muchas gracias! && then accepting my gift! o 3o<br />
    Jaillin for making the "mistake" (for which I'm honored!) of gifting me a present for my un-birthday from my wishlist. &lt;3<br />
    ZOMBiiFiCATiON (TRAGiC DiViNiTY) for donating so many bugs && inks!! thank you so much; I shall always, forever love you! ¡míl gracias! && could you be anymore generous!??! this gift war shall be epic in my memory!! i have won!! i just can't thank you enough!! &lt;333 and all those wonderful gifts for my birthday! extra huggles for you! free of charge! XDD but beware! i may strike at any moment! &gt;:]<br />
    iDaBitch thank you for donating your bugs && ink! how sweet of you to help out a stranger!! much love to you, from me! &lt;33<br />
    -DemonDoule- ¡gracias! the donation/gift was so sweet of you! it's very nice to know their are strangers out there helping me! ^w^<br />
    Seava aww! i feel all special you thought i was an awesome person!! thankyou so much stranger for donating all those inks and bugs, and the gold too!! &lt;33 i won't forget you!<br />
    The Kawaii Botique it was so kind of you to get me something for my birthday! thank you so much!
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