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  • Artist Info: WELCOME OTL`<br />
    Hello~ <br />
    My name is Miya // Manyi etc. My age is 12.12.96 &lt;- Go calculate! &lt;3<br />
    past usernames: [ XxMiyaaaxX - Mewsan - Mew_Ichigo_San ] Lol gay usernames.<br />
    I am studying at the moment, middle school ( we don't have grades ).<br />
    And I am doing Gymnasium! -OMG NERD- No. I game a lot when I have the time,<br />
    watch anime, korean/japanese/chinese soaps, read manga and draw &lt;3! <br />
    I live somewhere in NEVERLAND in a closet :3 *obviously*<br />
    Aahh.. ATM I don't really have time to go to gaiaonline and stuff, because you know<br />
    school school school homework homework drama drama drama FOOD! &lt;3<br />
    aanndd I should probably start learning manderin -.- ( I went to chinese school [cantonese and a lil bit manderin], but I stopped, because I am lazy obviously! :3 )<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ENJOY ;D<br />
    Ghehaha, I used to be addicted to gaia x) <br />
    But now school is just making me busy &gt;:<br />
    I have no time left T__T <br />
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