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  • Artist Info: Do you know how many "about me" sections I have filled in during my Internet lifetime? A lot, we'll say. But when a person says "Tell me about yourself," I draw ablank. I can't go off on random little birdwalks smile when I'm talking to someone without them giving me some weird look. And then they'll always say, "Oh no! I'm becoming like you!"(Krista does, anyway) So, although I have experience, it's still not easy when you have to go do the real thing (please don't make a "That's what she said" joke...)<br />
    Moving on, I am a homo sapien with two X chromosomes. You know what that means. I hope. I am an adolescent. I have Internet access. My, isn't that frightening? Young people on the Internet, they scare the bejeezes out of old folks. Hey, that'd make a great horror movie. "Status: Young and Online". Nah, not such a great title. You can make up a better one. And a plot. And, y'know, the whole story. Thanks. (Hey, isn't there some anime about a computer virus that can kill people, or some terrorist who kills using the Internet?)<br />
    I may write more later, but for now I don't really feel like it.<br />
    More, you say?<br />
    Later, I said.
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