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  • Artist Info: Heh heh, hey!<br />
    <br />
    im a laid back person, couldnt care less about anyone getting hurt (except for my friends!) anyways, i only care about the things or people i love. biggrin <br />
    i meet alot of my friends on here, so yeah. i made this character thing 2 years ago. aha. im pretty random and not always that serious. so yeah, WHY SO SERIOUS??? xP HAhahahahahahaha.......no.<br />
    Im not an adult, thats all i have to say. dont ask if im married, or wanna go out. Cuz, im in a relationship 0____0 so if you ask me that crap, i wont respond biggrin im not that much of a "BLOOOOOD AND GOO00RE" person. i will get the bucket if you tell me stuff like that. and hey, who knows, you might be my classmate wink <br />
    Middle Schooler, end of story.
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