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    Hey I'm Jessica but my everybody just calls me Jess or Jonesy. I'm an average girl I skate and ski, my favorite colors are black, white, green and blue and my least favorite color is pink, even though i don't mind have a pink avi and profile [well sometimes, and well i'm a nice person overall so feel free to add me.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Thank You<br />
    For The Donations<br />
    ♥<br />
    xXSatans_Daughter666Xx <br />
    [Bestest Most Awesomest Person in The Whole World!!]<br />
    lenelee<br />
    SushiAndPie!<br />
    Yuki no Namida!<br />
    ANGELA11367t!<br />
    ebbieyoung!!<br />
    For the donations!!<br />
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