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  • Artist Info: Okay, if you really want to be my friend, you need to know at least these basics: <br />
    i love all my friends <br />
    i love competition <br />
    i am NOTNOT NOT NOTA lesbian!!! <br />
    i am only comfortable with only what i like <br />
    i love dogs <br />
    i love cats<br />
    i love almost every animal <br />
    i HATE creepy crawlies, snakes,SPIDERS! i am afraid of, the mirror(thanks to daemondoogie) scary movies(but not chinese movies) mean and scary people <br />
    i love to be random <br />
    i fashion myself weirdly <br />
    i LOVE blue <br />
    i HATE pink <br />
    i LOVE Taylor Swift<br />
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE God!!!<br />
    i am a Christian(Praise the Lord!!) <br />
    i love school<br />
    i love China(sometimes)<br />
    i love my friends <br />
    i love my friends in China(they are so "adorable" and cute, and he's mine) <br />
    i can't sing <br />
    i love to dance hip hop <br />
    i play the piano okayish , but i also love it<br />
    i love art tooo much <br />
    i love art competition(ahem daemondoogie) <br />
    i hate going to eat dim sum with my family<br />
    i love making guy friends(not to get bfs)<br />
    i think making friends that are girls are a bit harder <br />
    i need a date and lastly <br />
    <br />
    I AM SINGLE!!!
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