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    Hi guise. Names Stephanie, Steph for short. 14 years young, advance australia fair. I will forever act like a youngin' at heart, til kingdom come <3<br />
    Being crazy isnt habit, its a personality of mine. Dont judge me before you get to know me, and boy, once you get to know me theres no turning back wink <br />
    Im quite the shorty for my age and also quite a 'nerd'. I guess Im what youd call the stereotypical 'slut' in the way I dress. I dress for myself and no one else, 'cept maybe my boyfriend in which I love so much <3 <br />
    <br />
    Not sure if I've blabbed on too much, but yeah, thats me ^<br />
    Once I get type I'll put a pic,<br />
    any further questions just pm me & feel free to add me smile <br />
    KBYE.<br />
    <br />
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