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  • Artist Info: Hello there my darling~! My name is Julia~! Or Julie, Jewels, JuJu or just simple Ju. ( If you have another nickname, add it to the list!) :3 Well I guess we should start it off with the basics; I eat, sleep,drink, do everyday human things. The end. Nah just kidding. My days are NEVER that simple, not ever. I have done, and still doing a lot of different things, I could tell you that I like to take pictures, so I like photography. I write interesting novels, so I'm a writer. I do nails, which means I can create cool designs, so I guess I am an artist as well? Damn I'm multi-talented! Well shall we move onto the personality? I think so~! So I am a pretty much awesome person, I'm what you call a out-of-the-bow person. :3 Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing..well let's say it a good thing biggrin I am very friendly, and I treat other the way they treat me. I'm kind and considerate, but I am also a person you don't want to F with. So don't even try. Oh something good to mention, I'm not shy, well usually I am not SHY, but I do have my rare occasion just like everyone else. So send me a shout! I love meeting new people!^-^ Well I should probably stop there, kinda starting to blah. Want to know more about me, again hit me up!<br />
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