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  • Artist Info: I know you're looking for Darling, but Darling is dead. <br />
    Just another false image in your head.<br />
    Darling once laid in your bed,<br />
    But get over it.
    <br />
    Cause now Darling ain't worth shit.<br />
    Darling never had her lips on a cigg.
    <br />
    Darling was just a confused kid,<br />
    Who bottled up the anger, until the lid undid.
    <br />
    Then the shit started,<br />
    And Darling departed.
    <br />
    That's when she became brokenhearted.<br />
    When Darling didn't want to feel, she turned to the drugs.<br />
    Darling felt nothing, especially love.<br />
    She just gave up when time came to push and shove.<br />
    When she was down,
    <br />
    She popped a pill to turn it around.<br />
    Then the vic crash happened, Darling got a pipe.
    <br />
    Decided she was going to live the high life.<br />
    Then Darling found out about the knife.<br />
    Carved her feelings every night.
    <br />
    Everyday with her parents was a fight.<br />
    Started droppin' friends left and right.<br />
    Anger, rage, hostility,<br />
    Took over what Darling used to be.
    <br />
    Darling is dead, stop looking for her hunny.<br />
    Cause Darling was ME.
    <br />
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