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    Hi my name is Madame_Raine (Nanowrimo username is LadyEstellaRose)!<br />
    I'm a beginning Young Adults fiction writer, and I love to write about adventure/action stories, and I'm a inspirational poet. I enjoy writing and hope to make it a living. My hobbies are drawing, writing, painting, talking, spending time with my pets, reading my Bible, and occasionally I take pictures.<br />
    - -----Eating chocolate or any kind of candy while I'm writing really boosts my creative energy. Sometimes to gather ideas I 'talk' to my book characters, or rather write in their personalities to relate to them more. It works. <br />
    -------My stories are sometimes of my own experiences, sometimes of others, and sometimes completely fictional. You can tell by the emotion that I put into it. Some have more than others.
    DeviantArt Account<br />
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