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  • Artist Info: Okay lets get to the point I'm boring, talkative at home, silent in school, i love music it is my life i cant live without it,im very clumsy not only do i trip down stairs i trip up them as well NOW THAT TAKES TALENT, UUUM ppl tell me i have a nice singing voice,i love to paint, draw, sketch whatever u like to call it, I'm a total ANIMEEEE FREAK like u wouldn't believe,I'm funny when i don't try not funny when i do try, i love comedy central,scifi,um my fav show in tv is scrubs&lt;----- needs to be seen it hilarious, i love sports vollyball,soccer,football,baseball,tennis,swimming,track n fiel..... if u knew me back in middle then u know im more outgoing, im in love wit vampires everything about them is awesome sometimes i think im one yea i know weird but i dont care uum oh!! I LOVE COOKIES OMG COOOKIES ARE THE BEST MAN THEIR MY DRUGS MY CRACK I CAN'T SURVIVE WITOUT THEM AT ALL THOSE ARE WHAT KEEP ME AWAKE EVERYDAY IN SCHOOL THAT ND COFFEE, I love to read, write incomplete stories,im in love wit the computer i watch tv but only to see my anime nd scrubs, i like to take pics of everything u know like trees, mountains, my fam, buddies, um my dream is to one day street race in japan O.O yea im not joking, idk wat i wanna be yet still thinking.OKAY THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR TODAY IF U WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT ME THEN MSG ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE<br />
    <br />
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