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  • Artist Info: Hey I'm Claire. No, really, I'm Claire. I'm almost 17 years old, I live in Oregon (trying to get to California or New York soon...) and I love to have fun...and I love converse. They're pretty much my life. I wear them almost everyday and I have about 10 pairs. Really. I would totally name all the colors...but I think I'm getting more soon so that wouldn't really be worth it...anywhooo....

    I love to write and draw. Unfortunatly, I don't have a scanner, and my computer is not cool enough to do the whole art-on-the-computer thing. I also repel technology (probably) so I can't do art for you. Sorry...

    Anyways...back to writing. I have started stories before, and I am very proud of them thankyouverymuch. The only bad thing that is a result of starting is that I can never finish them. I get close, but no prize. I do write poetry, though, and am working on getting something published...maybe.

    Besides converse, acting/singing/dancing is my life too. As soon as I'm out of school, I'm heading to New York to try to get on Broadway. Who knows, maybe you'll see my name in lights someday.

    Send me a comment or PM and I'll get back to you. I promise! Donate to me and I'll love you forever. Make me art and I'll love you more. Be my friend and you're a step below God.

    Love ya!

    Claire <3
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