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  • Artist Info: Hm. My name is Makani or Maki or Kani or what ever the hell you want to call me ((I prefer "Oh, captain. My captain," but that's just a personal preference)). 21. Tom ((my partner and my soul mate)) just recently lost his battle with cancer. I can't express how I feel in words, but for those of you who didn't get a chance to meet him, he was the most amazing man I've ever met, and he will always own my heart and soul........ <br />
    I attend classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. I plan on being an art teacher... sooner or later. I have the best job in the world at Ed Debevic's &lt;3 Totally paid to be a complete asshole lol. Due to past stalker experiences I can't state where I live ((It's not Chicago btw)). I'm generally an overly kind hearted person.. so much so that I put everyone and I mean EVERYONE before myself. I'm a hopeless romantic, and very easily attached to everyone I come in contact with... ((fucked up, I know)). Music and art are my main passions. I use the &lt;3 thing way too much. I will incorporate lyrics into conversations whenever possible. My friends mean the world to me, and I love all of them with ever fiber of my being. I'm allergic to everything. When nobody's home, I dance around the house in nothing but my boxers and socks singing 80s pop music. I hate drama and people who cause drama. Anyway...After I eat food I wipe my mouth with all the left over napkins. I eat vegan foods but I'm not vegan just vegetarian... I love leather pants =^.~=. I stand in the shower until the water turns cold. I make faces at myself in mirrors. I never tie my shoes. Every time I pull back curtains I yell, "...AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT!" I wear like 9 layers of clothes all the time, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets..ect. I'll doodle on anything you leave at my house. I throw food. I make faces at kids who look at me too long. I fucking hate birds! I am mostly friends with girls. I enjoy the frustrating creation of music. I love mother fucking yoo-hoo. I have a rather keen eye for true beauty. I'm the outcast in every group. I love quiet but well spoken people. I also love loud people so it's an even thing. My favorite number is 42.. google it. I love short moments of passion (not sex). I love people who obsess over little things that no one else understands... I do. I love the feeling you get when someone you adore admires you for a minute. I also like the simple joys that we are all too shy to say. <br />
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    Doin' what I do best... besides being a bum.. <br />
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    The baby mama... &lt;3 lol<br />
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    Tom and Levi. Rest in peace, my love.
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