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    User Image<br />
    My name is, well, Anular for now.<br />
    You must earn the right to know my real name.<br />
    I am 15 years old and I live in a little state called Iowa.<br />
    The picture I have is kinda old, and was taken with my cell phone, but its the only one of me that I like.<br />
    (Btw I LOVE STEWIE!!!)<br />
    I love to draw the only exception is that I dont use that Photoshop stuff.<br />
    I color it and draw it with things called colored pencils.<br />
    I started out REALLY bad when I first started drawing but I'm getting better.<br />
    I'm abit on the dark side of the world.<br />
    I'm really into vampires.<br />
    And for you people out there that think it's because of "Edward Cullen" it's not.<br />
    I was into vampires WAY before I knew about the Twilight saga. <br />
    I'm kinda a little vampire myself, like seriously not kidding.<br />
    I have eyes that change colores, I LOVE the night (day? not so much -_-) and freakishly, i like the taste of blood.<br />
    I'm also into werewolves but not as much.<br />
    Most my friends are actualy goths and emos but I'm not.<br />
    I have no lable thank you very much.<br />
    I could be like skater one day, goth next, and prep the day after (even though I REALLY hate preps).<br />
    I like all kinds of music so don't bug me if you hate something I listen to.<br />
    I'm the type of person you SERIOUSLY don't want to mess with.<br />
    A friend of mine found that out the hard way.<br />
    Ok well thats all I can think of about me XD pm me if you have questions.<br />
    BAIBAI!!!<br />
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