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  • Artist Info: Information Provided Below;<br />
    <br />
    Name: Nina Landen<br />
    Age: Fifteen<br />
    D/O/B: 5/2/94<br />
    Blood Type: O<br />
    Ethnicity: Irish, Indian, and French Canadian decent. (note her pale complection)<br />
    Originated From: Ireland<br />
    Hair: Strawberry Blonde, straight, lengthy<br />
    Eyes: Blue<br />
    Pet(s): One (Dog)<br />
    Height: 5"6"<br />
    Usual Appearance: White undershirt, swathed with a green over dress and blue sash with flat heeled shoes.<br />
    Occupation(s): Waitress at Family Resteraunt and Xiaolin Monk<br />
    Hobbies: Painting<br />
    Talent(s): Basketball, Writing, and Cooking<br />
    Music Genre: 70-90s R&B, Country, Rock<br />
    Favorite Song(s): "More like her" Miranda Lambert<br />
    Artists/Bands: Tevin Cambell, Babyface, Brian McNight, Rascal Flats, Keith Urban, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Fall Out Boy, Boa, and more...<br />
    Theme Song: "I need a love song." Babyface<br />
    Element: Heart<br />
    Rank: Xiaolin Apprentice ((I'm stripping her of her title because I can't just assume she'll be a master without the proper work for it so she's an apprentice working her way up))<br />
    Love Interest(s): Raimundo Pedrosa<br />
    Best-friend(s): Clay, Sabrina, Shay, Val, and Dojo.<br />
    Enemies: The Heylin Side<br />
    Religion: Protestant<br />
    Dislike(s): Racism, Sexism, Being undermined, and ignorance.<br />
    Signature SGW: Cupid's Chokehold (fandom shen gong wu made by myself)<br />
    Wudai Weapon: Sword Of Jong<br />
    Bad Habit(s): Nail biting<br />
    Tattoos/Piercing: 1 Tattoo (breast cancer ribbon located on her left shoulder) 1 Piercing (ears)<br />
    Personality: Bubbly, Positive, and Sporty<br />
    Education: Sophomore<br />
    Flaw(s): Inelegant<br />
    Righty/Lefty: Lefty<br />
    Favorable Addiction:<br />
    Movie Selection: Horror and Romance<br />
    Style Sense: Comfortable<br />
    Quote:" Behind every strong woman is a dumbass guy who did her wrong and made her strong."<br />
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