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  • Artist Info: anime rocks!!!!<br />
    i just love anime and so far have watched over nearly 70 different series! bet its not as much as ma mate &gt;_&lt;<br />
    plus lots of movies on anime or animated stories (can u believe they did an animal crossing movie!?!?)<br />
    well heres my long list of anime (some yet to finish) and movies (some of which ive still to watch)<br />
    so anime:<br />
    fooly cooly (flcl)<br />
    dears<br />
    naruto<br />
    naruto shippuuden<br />
    full metal alchamist<br />
    cardcaptor sakura/never finished<br />
    ah my goddess (way boring)<br />
    chobits<br />
    cayoty ragtime show (way boring)<br />
    blood <br />
    bleach (i just adore this show! dont ask me why i just do lol)<br />
    neon genisis evangelion<br />
    death note<br />
    dnangel<br />
    inuyasha<br />
    goshuushou sama ninomiya kun<br />
    trigun (god this was funny)<br />
    this ugly yet beautiful world (tuybw)<br />
    burst angel<br />
    d. grey man (man why did they have to leave it like they did!)<br />
    vampire knight<br />
    vampire knight guilty<br />
    soul eater<br />
    hellsing<br />
    blue drop (no idea of what its about)<br />
    buso renkin/never finished<br />
    shugo chara<br />
    shugo chara doki<br />
    special a<br />
    elemental gelade (at this rate ill never finish it)<br />
    hayate no gotoku<br />
    rurouni kenshin (this was brill)<br />
    shinigamo no ballard<br />
    friuts baskets<br />
    saiyuki<br />
    saiyuki reload<br />
    saiyuki reload gunlock (they left it on this!)<br />
    code geass<br />
    code geass r2<br />
    black blood brothers<br />
    hunter x hunter<br />
    higurashi no naku koro ni<br />
    onegai teacher<br />
    onegai twins<br />
    desert punk<br />
    spiral bond of inference<br />
    chrono crusade<br />
    weiss kreuz<br />
    wind a breath of heart<br />
    murder princess<br />
    mahou sensei negima<br />
    toradora<br />
    yu yu hakusho<br />
    ouran high school host club(strongly recomend)<br />
    maria holic<br />
    kurokami<br />
    clanned <br />
    clanned after story<br />
    peace maker kurogane<br />
    ayakashi<br />
    samurai girl: real bout high school(lots of panty scenes)<br />
    zombie loan<br />
    black cat(waaa this is so good! kept me wanting more!)<br />
    ark the lad<br />
    tokyo mew mew(more for girls than boys)<br />
    full metal panic (based on mecha)<br />
    full metal panic:the second raid (this has a more romantic view than the first series)<br />
    <br />
    so movies:<br />
    naruto 1-3<br />
    naruto shippuuden 1 and 2 when it comes out<br />
    bleach 1 2 and 3 when it comes out<br />
    blood still to watch<br />
    rurouni kenshin there is more to it then what i thought so i have to watch the movie and others eps<br />
    neon genisis still to watch<br />
    full metal alchamist that was good<br />
    inuyasha 1-4<br />
    (ill list the animated stories soon)
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