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  • Artist Info: Why hello there. This is a past version of me currently informing you of how a future version of me might react to your decision of a future friendship/relationship with the associated person. I consider myself a rather good drawer and literatureer. I'm quite quiet and considered a very stealthy person. Most of my greetings normally result in 'ohshi-where did you-" And even during a conversation I tend to retain a certain muteness. But if I'm good friends with a person than I commonly chat.<br />
    <br />
    I spend quite some time writing poems and draw a small amount of shtuff. I rarely post them due to me feeling lowly about my work. A lot of my free time is spent day-dreaming. I often want to make these dreams possible but I always feel little motivation to ever do them. I'm also an avid gamer (fan of FPS but willing to play various other games) and actually make machinimas. (Videos with video games) (Mainly with Halo) however there always seems to be a problem that impedes me from working on them. (currently school work and a missing voice actor)<br />
    <br />
    Links to ma work;<br />
    Ma Machinimas<br />
    Ma drawings/writings<br />
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