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    Avii Art by Sage Feathers! <3
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    My name is K3!$3@
    I was born & raised in Texas, I don't have a horse but I do have a gun. &lt;3
    I'm 22 years old, & unfortunately, still attending college.
    I am working to become a Medical Transcriptionist, the amount of work is minimal, and the interaction with the general public is zero. For the lack of a better word...It's Perfect.
    My family is the most important thing to me in this life, & I'll never let them forget that.
    I'm lucky enough to have found my soul-mate at a young age. &lt;3 We're together now & always will be.
    I'm extremely interested in the mysteries of the Universe & the Afterlife. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a spiritual eternity than watching the wonders of Space.
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    The Queen of Green &lt;3<br />
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    Life, to me, means always trying to do good and be good despite the way the rest of the world is.
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    It's harder to be kind, than it is to be cruel.<br />
    Money will never drive me, nor change me. I will defend my castle & kingdom.
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