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  • Artist Info: I love music, sketching, watching movies, writing, singing, and hanging out with my friends. As you can see from my fav music list, i like A LOT of bands. Those are only some of the many i love. I can enjoy pretty much anything that comes on the radio. oldies, pop, punk, rock, rap, country... if it has a beat, i'll like it. I speak fluent sarcasm and a little bit of spanish. I have a dog named macie. She is a golden- doodle. and no, i am not making that up. It is a mix between a standard poodle and a golden retreiver. She is a loveable blonde, just like me.I am the kind of person who can sit around and talk about absolutly nothing with my best friend for hours. Believe me, it has been done before. I can be a total spaz at times. If you had to survive around me for a day, some things that you would need to know are, I tell really long stories, and make a lot of faces and hand gestures while telling them. I believe that in doing so, you can make even the most boring stories bareable. As I said before, I speak fluent sarcasm and almost every other sentence that comes out of my mouth has something sarcastic in it. I hate when people call simply to tell me that they are bored. I hate roller coasters and will not allow anyone to push me onto one even if it is the end of the world. I am a tech sped (not very good with computers). I like to laugh and am very hyper when I am bored. After a long day, all I want is a hug and some ice cream. I can be a couch potato and definately a procratonator. I love the snow and hope to some day travel the world. As far as what I want to be when I grow up, don't ask me cause I don't know yet. I get distracted easily and I like mythology, chiniese symbols, all colors, to get dressed up, movies, poetry and nature. I have cpcs (constant profile changing syndrome) so if my profile backround is diffrent every other day, you'll know why. I absolutely hate when people on gaia have profiles that the general public aren't allowed to see. It eerks me. And yes I am a proud quizzaholic. XD I love getting some peace of mind with a little pretty picture attached. Also, what better way to show my personality, than to display a simple pharagraph about my results on all kinds of different things?! I only post my favorite quizzes that I feel were 100% (or very close to it) acurate about me on my profile. So, yeah. Thats me...<br />
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    i am the kind of girl who will burst out laughing because of something that happened the day before.
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