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  • Artist Info: I was born under the snake and the goat.<br />
    Spawn to Saturn, I bare 19 billion, an age.<br />
    And through time I acquired wings to fly,<br />
    So that I could glide into your point in time.<br />
    Brush a kiss upon your lips before I flutter<br />
    back off into the black lifeless space. <br />
    Promise me another kiss for mine.<br />
    We'll meet under that luminous moon<br />
    Where your cats play fiddles, <br />
    Where your cows take leaps,<br />
    I'll be the spoon if you run away with me<br />
    <br />
    I take my place on my Queen.<br />
    Her name, H.M.S. Ava Dahli.<br />
    Upon her chest, she will bare wings<br />
    As airship, high above reality,<br />
    Dahlia Vincent, The one in command, <br />
    I am the Captain and I am the hand<br />
    That will guide all into the perilous night <br />
    To become the beacon who'll shine dreams into life.
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