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  • Artist Info: Im SiXtEeN YeArS OlD iM aNd LoViNg iT i DoNt HaVe As MaNy FrIeNdS aS I DiD iN mY LaSt AcCoUnT BuT ThAt DoSeNt MiNd. WhAt i pLaN oN DoInG On gAiA iS tO mAkE MaNy FrIeNdS aNd UnBrEaKAbLE BoNdS. <br />
    SoMe oF My FaMiLy MeMbErS HaVe AcCoUnts tO wHiCh i LiKe A Lot BuT i WiSh MoRe dId. WeLl ThAtS iT I LoVE GaIa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
    <br />
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