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    i am human<br />
    i am post-mortal<br />
    i am pale<br />
    i am boring<br />
    i like the color orange<br />
    i like the color red<br />
    i like the color black<br />
    i love to contradict myself<br />
    i am against the idea of organized religion<br />
    i do not like mushrooms on my pizza<br />
    i have never been struck by lightning<br />
    i will lie more then once in this list<br />
    that was a lie<br />
    i can only be killed by swimming pools<br />
    i like fruit<br />
    i don't like myself<br />
    i am a social cuttlefish<br />
    i am a geek<br />
    i have nothing else to say right now<br />
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