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  • Artist Info: Hi ppl! my name is Mandy and i am 21. I like to talk to people and i do tend to talk to myself sometimes.(though i don't know why) I don't really have a life outside of my house and school. I am extremely weird, so beware. i love animals. my younger brother gets on my nerves a lot more than anything else. but i still love him. i am deeply afraid of needles, hospitals, clowns, monkeys and spiders bigger than a quarter that are not in a cage. (i am afraid they might get me, i so saw what happened in eight legged freaks so i know what they are capable of!) So if u r any of those things for the sake of my sanity don't talk to me! <br />
    sorry about my randomness i am indeed a genuine DORK! and if u don't like it deal with it. cause everyone else likes me for me. got it!! ^-^
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