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    SURPRISE! I is a chick! XD<br />
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    Okay, so yeah, this used to be where I would tell visitors more about my background and crud, but since Gaia has pretty much become simply a roleplay base for me, and generally about half the things I do here involve me "playing puppeteer" to an RP character, I figured my life story wasn't necessary lol, so here's what might be useful info regarding RP Stuff -<br />
    <br />
    - I am open to join requests if you are needing players<br />
    - Literacy level is medium to high (occasional spelling/grammar errors but I try to be careful)<br />
    - Average post length - one to two paragraphs depending on the complexity of a given situation.<br />
    - I prefer original RPs over fan RP's<br />
    - I draw my own reference/post images, in my own present style - no exceptions. <br />
    - I don't do Vampire, futuristic/Sci-fi, war, slave/master, or werewolf themes (although I CAN deal with general fantasy themes where werewolves might just happen to appear, as long as said characters aren't godmodding Mary-sues, but I do NOT do vampires, sorry)<br />
    - availability is low to medium - I can't keep up with RPs where there will be a page or more of new posts everyday, I CAN make maybe 1-2 posts per day, maximum, I like Roleplaying, but I prefer to not devote more of my life than that to doing so.<br />
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