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  • Artist Info: KoNnIcHiWa ^w^/<br />
    well iM SuWa <br />
    or u can call me ilurisa<br />
    well suwa ish a weird person yesh i am a weird person...i can be evil at sumtimes ..and sumtimes be cute lol<br />
    anyway im a frienly person with an emotional problems...my emotional is imbalance ..jz jk... well can say in this world nodody is perfect..so im nobody~<br />
    <br />
    im a carefre type of person..im a normal humanbeing like u and me .. i luv myfrens and mostly my frewns <br />
    wat i like to do?? i like singing ..*of course ill not sing to u but i sing in the shower shhh!!! dun tell anywan....lol....i also like music coz music is my life....ialso like japanese culture..like anime and so on expecially yukatas &gt;w&lt; sugoineh~<br />
    and the most i like to draw yesh i love to draw so if u want to see my art go here....<br />
    .......ilurisa.deviantart.com.......mangabullet also with the user name ilurisa ....^w^<br />
    so ya i think tats it..and wow i write so many craps in here @A@....&gt;w&lt;//
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