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  • Artist Info: Name:Sasuke Uchiha <br />
    Birthday:July 23<br />
    Age:13<br />
    Height:156.2 cm<br />
    Weight:43.5kg<br />
    Blood Type:AB<br />
    Profile:<br />
    During Part I, Sasuke was considered the best Genin of the Rookie Nine and could have been the strongest. To this end, Sasuke's only desire as a shinobi was to get stronger, and he saw everything from his teammates, to the other villagers as simply being in the way. In fact, during their bell test with Kakashi, Sasuke's reason for not working with Naruto and Sakura was because he thought they were respectively weak and annoying, and they would get in his way. However when he was proven wrong by Sakura's knowledge, and Naruto's desire to also become stronger he began to value his teammates and even began to risk his life to save them if he needed to, valuing their lives more than his desire to kill Itachi.
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