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  • Artist Info: well well well, people want 2 no about me!? wow! that's somethin' ive never heard of before! lol! JK! well, i'm cute, <br />
    fun(ky), sarcastic, stylist, friendsy, weird (thats somethin' i soooo am! ask my friends, they can tell u its true!), um.... well this 1 is sorta weird, u dont hear it every day... apparently, i cant write a note without putting somethin' perverted inside (?) i dont get that... do u? (well, of course u dont! -> duh!) lol! um... i can be blond even though i'm a brunette. my fav. color is purple! (it rox my sox!!! well, no. everyones sox!) i'm VERY athletic ("amy kicks ass in sports!" is what my friends say 2. i believe that 1 tho!) lol! u guys (and girls) must b so bored, so i'll stop saying stuff now... lol! Luv yalls! Bye!
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