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  • Artist Info: i love the fact that everyone i know is practically on gaia online!!!! <br />
    hey if you think this site is awsome check out deviantart.com!!! its cool too just ask muh buddies!!!<br />
    <br />
    so you wanna know stuff about me do ya? wellies to start off: i like all styles of anime i really like Full Metal Alchemist, and any other anime i can get my hands on! in fact i'm going to my first anime convention soon; perhaps you've heard of it&amp;amp;quot;otaku omaha&amp;amp;quot;!!!!! i am so excited! along with my obsession with anime i also like movies too! REALLY ACTIONY ONES! like the Lord of The Rings trilogy!<---(yeah i know i'm a dork! i also like romance novels and movies made about them like the all popular Twilight! i can't wait till it is shown in theaters!!! books too! i LOVE books i practically live at book stores like walden books! &amp;lt;---(wow that sentence had a LOT of 'books' in it! i can't keep my nose out of them! my motto is &amp;quot;why walk when you can dance!?&amp;quot; i also have a knack for singing in multiple foreign languages and that kind of music is my hobbie! speaking of hobbies i LOVE to do and learn out about ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!! thanks for listening to this rant about me, sorry if it was boring to you! &amp;amp;gt;.&amp;amp;lt; but hey i can't help it if i talk too much! <br />
    thanks again love mi-chan!!!!
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