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  • Artist Info: Hey Yall Im Bon Que Que to those who dont kno.im am very smart and i dont play when it comes to family.bitches say shit dat is petty but then again itz not to mi face.i love all mi friendz and mi fam.they are the world to mi.i like hip-hop,hip-hop gospel and some rock.yes i am African american all black.im not 4 dat races shit so dont take it offensively.i have two sisters on gaia Cejackson017 nd Christal97.they are mi sistrs.bestfriendz and mi homies.we particaly do everything together.but anywayz i do but dont have a bad side so jus try to stay on to good side i i can b mean if im already mad.so i guess u knw bout mi.i might go to ur profile if u leave mi a comment and read bout u.<br />
    "chuc ducez babi"!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♦♦♦♦♦•••••
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