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  • Artist Info: And then the chicken flailed about with no head, jumped off the kitchen counter and fell into a precariously placed blender that was turned on with the lid off. -The invention of textured chicken wallpaper.<br />
    <br />
    I'm 15, blonde, I would consider myself to be intelligent. I find sarcasm to be the best way to express ANYTHING. I am extremely cynical apparently as well.<br />
    I spend a lot of time learning things I will never need to know, and retain that information for the day that I can help someone who asks the question, then makes fun of me for knowing it. .... -.-'<br />
    I play WoW, but no, I do not fit the stereotype. Thankyou. I play a level 80 priest called Faylix and a level 80 pally called Lyvian- both on Barthilas.<br />
    I LOVE field hockey! I play half-back, generally left. I am told I'm a pretty good marksman (sticking to the man... sorry guys, no guns on the field.) I play for the Frankston Stingrays' u17s and the Womens state league 4 sides.<br />
    I play trumpet, at the end of this year hopefully I will be going for my grade 5 AMEB music exam.<br />
    I enjoy drawing, especially manga. I love Astro Boy! Tim Burton is a mastermind in my opinion, I love his work.<br />
    I love Star Wars, and am eagerly awaiting The Old Republic's release. Like, Oh My God bioware... I'm waiting! Hurry the fuck up!
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