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    Note: I was previously known as NinjaofSecrets.<br />
    /If you want to get to know me read that panel on the left. Want to know the reason behind this cosplay? Read the panel on the right.<br />
    As of currently, I am cosplaying Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist [Brotherhood] on Gaia.
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    ランファン<br />
    Hey stranger (or whatever you are)! My name is Lan Fan. I am a body guard of Prince Ling, so don't you dare get near or bad mouth him. On the otherhand, I am the granddaugther of Fu. I am 15 years old and part of the Yao Clan. I know Xingese Martial Arts (yes, so get back) and I can get detect aura from far or near. My goal is to protect Ling Yao. <br />
    I use to have two good arms, but now I have one and an auto mail part (I hereby blame Fuhrer)! I'm not completely used to auto mail yet, but I'm pretty good at battling with it. BD<br />
    Hm, what else. Oh yes, my name. My name means "cold rice" in Cantonese ( don't judge me. &gt;-&gt; ). And do I like rice? ...Okay, yes, but just because my name means that and I'm Xingese doesn't mean that I have to like rice! ;;;;; <br />
    Huh. Anyway! I have two theme songs from the Brotherhood album. First is Sora Kaze and the second is Sotto, Sotto. Please listen to them sometime! ;D<br />
    ..okay bye. That's it for now. Please give the Elric brothers my regards if you see them. ;;
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