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  • Artist Info: Yo! My name is Tori. I love fighting people bigger then me and showing them that even though I'm a girl I can still kick their ass! I get in fights alot and I hate to lose. You really dont need my age so I won tell ya. I love music! Music is like my life! I'm hyper active and I get yelled at alot because I'm hyper. I have really bad depression and so I am a recovering cutter. I also have issues with anxiety, and I'm pretty sure i have ADHD! Oh! I also love to rp! I'm semi-literate/literate. <br />
    I am short. If you say anything I will kill you!!!! Seriously!!!! I'm not really that short, but alot of people are taller then me. I have short brown hair that's longer in the front and short and spiky in the back. I have goldish tinted eyes. They get lighter or darker with my mood. I normally wear alot of black, jeans, black t-shirts,a jacket and eyeliner.<br />
    In case you loser faces haven't noticed I am a mixed breed of a hyper/goth/emo/band geek! In normal people language that means I'm an outcast! Which just means I'm awsome.<br />
    I have many nicknames! Kira, Kida, Chase, Ichigo, Toshiro, Gaara, Tamari, Dantai, and Kiba! I know there are alot. So you can call me whatever you want to.<br />
    Well that's all I'm going to tell you about me for now! Leave me a comment or pm me! =^,^=<br />
    <br />
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