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  • Artist Info: hey my name is Bobbi...<br />
    or kitty (call me kitty damn it D&lt; )<br />
    yes i know i have a guy name...<br />
    but i am a girl &gt;,,&lt;<br />
    im 16...<br />
    i live in the us... nevada...<br />
    im bisexual...<br />
    and i love cookies!<br />
    i love writing poems...<br />
    i love to draw and txt...<br />
    i sing in my free time...<br />
    and im weird...<br />
    i suck at skating...<br />
    i love video games...<br />
    ive met and talked to Mr. Marilyn Manson XD<br />
    i love him so much...<br />
    its kinda like a silly crush a little girl has on her sisters boyfriend <br />
    but whatever...<br />
    and i can make a poem up about anything...<br />
    so give me a topic and ill write a poem about it ^w^<br />
    and im an emo chick if you cant tell by now &gt;,,&lt;<br />
    and i love emo guys XD<br />
    and im only hyper cuz of my anti-depresents <br />
    im normaly really down...<br />
    so yea... <br />
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