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  • Artist Info: To whom it may concern ~<br />
    I'm Didi , I have other names as well however the one I'm giving you all is Didi. <br />
    first an foremost I love to rp&lt;3 its my favorite hobby~. Anyone looking for one of those will come to find that I am very versatile fun loving and adventurous when it comes to that. I particularly enjoy ones in which include fighting , character conflict, erotic romance and of course death &lt;3 those are of course the components of a good rp. I love oc rps though I'm not that big a fan of series based because there are so many rules to follow <br />
    you know .<br />
    RP is my top favorite hobby however I also love just meeting new people. I dont talk to strangers but I do talk to friends. Get to know me I promise you'll love me after the initial shock that i'm a weirdo fades XD. <br />
    I love to draw too and often times If I really enjoy our rp I'll do art for it ~. <br />
    Sooo... Yeah about me~<br />
    I graduated highschool this year WOOO<br />
    and am currently working on a novel I hope to publish.. <br />
    yeah I think thats about it <br />
    Thanks for reading wanna get to know this girl here ~? I welcome you to pm me
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