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  • Artist Info: もしもし ^-^ . わたしのなまえはクリスチナです. わたしのじゅうよんさいです. わたしのがつうまれはくうがつです. わたしはロシアけいじんです. そしてわたしはロシアごはします. わたしはちょうがくさんねんせいです. ものをかくことにきょみがあります. りょこがだいすきです. げむにはまっています. ひまなときはともだちとあそんでいます. わたしはらっかんてきなにんげんです. じぶんではちにあしのついたにんげんだといわれます. しあわせにいきられたらそれでいいんです. わたしはつばらしですねえ~ ^-^ どぞよろしく!<br />
    <br />
    my name is kristina. i love to smile even though i know i look silly. i'm really short. and shy. and weird. don't judge me. i'm kinda sensitive, though i won't reveal it. i'm a first-generation american-born russian. yes, i speak russian. i also understand spanish. i'm hoping to learn to speak japanese fluently someday, as well as (maybe) swahili. HUGE japan fan. i'm an artist, writer, and musician. poetry is my escape and passion; same to singing. i'm highly addicted to soda. and cookies. and electronics. i think wayy too much. verbally expressing how i feel is something that i despise doing. i can be irritable and anxious at times. yes, i'm a fool. i've "loved". i've been hurt. i know how it is. i forgive wayy too easily. i'm not a toy, don't play with my feelings. i love my amazing friends! now, i'd like to get to know you better (:<br />
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